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X-TRA Beverages


X-TRA soda was produced in a small bottling plant on Munson Road in Wolcott during the mid-Twentieth Century. It was a family-run business started by Mr. and Mrs. Morris Relyea in the 1940s.

Rather than purchasing X-TRA at a grocery store, a truck delivered cases of soda to homes throughout Wolcott, Waterbury, and Bristol. The soda featured a remarkable selection of flavors like strawberry, lime, and cherry, as well as the old standards like orange, cola, root, and birch beer.

During the 1955 flood, people were welcomed to the bottling plant to fill containers with well water at no charge.

Peter Relyea took over the business from his Dad and his son, Steve, made route deliveries. There were six route delivery trucks in the 1970s.

The business was sold in 1979.

(The memories contained on this page are courtesy of Peter and Helen Relyea.)

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