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Old Stone Schoolhouse

The Old Stone Schoolhouse on Nichols Road is the oldest stone schoolhouse in Connecticut. The year 1825 was carved in the front gable of the schoolhouse when the building was enlarged in 1898, however, the schoolhouse may have been erected earlier, probably in 1821. This date is based on a statement of the late Charles S. Miller, who said that Elmira Frisbie, who was born in 1812, attended the first term of school in this building when she was 9 years old.

Today, the building houses the collection of the Wolcott Historical Society, a collection that encompasses over 200 years of Wolcott and American history. The museum is occasionally open to the public (refer to the Calendar page). It also may be viewed by individuals or groups by appointment (call the museum curator at 203-879-4310 or the Society's president at 203-879-9818 to arrange a tour of the museum).

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