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Students Attending School in 1928

Left to right, front row: Edgar Duhaime, Richard Snow, Jesmond Nigro, Charlie Snow, George Goodson, Jack Kruse, Gregory Boulanger, Charles Sharp, Kenneth Garthwaite, Philip Boulanger, Frank Webber, unknown, Andrew Washenko, Judson Towne, unknown. Second row: Thelma Boulanger, Beatrice Nigro, Alice Snow. Back row: Edith Moss, Helen Gartwaite, Dorothy Moss, Nancy Goodson, Genevieve Garthwaite, Mildred Snow, Mary Rozdilski, unkonwn, Loretta Nigro, Violet Dingwell, Gertrude Duhaime, Nellie Rozdilski, Mary Garthwaite, Miss Barre, Mrs. Loring Somes (teacher) from Machias, Maine.
Pre-1898 Photo of School

Left to right on the far left: unknown, Oscar Hansen. Sitting: Herbert Snow, John Herbst, Charles Brown, Charles White, Frank Hallock. Standing in front of teacher: Rosa Herbst, Freda Herbst, Grada Bruhn, Justine Browne, Amy Sills, Lena Munson, May Norton. Standing in the back row: unknown, Mary Cornellis, Mildred Matthews, Jennie Cornellis, unknown, Cylinda Reed, Edna Mix (teacher), Eva Hallock, Julia Cornellis.
Pre-1898 Photo of School

Left to right, front row: left to right: Harry Eastwood, May Norton, Lena Munson, Maurice Alderman, John Herbst, Justine Browne, Aldina Hamel, Charles Browne, Rosa Herbst, Lilian Carr (teacher).
Pre-1898 Photo of School

People in photograph are unknown.
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