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Wolcott Historical Society News - July 2007

By Florence Goodman

The Wolcott Lion's Club Fair is quickly approaching and we hope you attend. When you do, please stop by our booth in the barn, and learn all about Wolcott's hills, rivers, lakes and streams. If you have driven around our town you can't help but notice that we do have a lot of water within our boundaries. Not all bodies of water within the town belong to our town though. For example the town's of Southington and New Britain each own reservoirs in Wolcott, and we share Cedar Lake with the town of Bristol. There is one major river within our boundaries, the Mad River, and there are many small streams that meander throughout the town. Most of the streams have names and in the spring flow swiftly down the hills toward one of the lakes in town. Hopefully when you stop by our booth at the Fair in August you will learn more about these bodies of water. We look forward to seeing you August 17-19th at the Fair.

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