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Curriculum Vitae

  • Scholar
  • Computer Scientist
    • M. S. Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School, September 1995
    • B. S. Computer Science, University of Utah, June 1988
    • A. S. Electronic Technology, Florida Keys Community College, April 1983
    • Data Systems Technician, United States Navy, July 1977 - June 1988


  • Academic
  • Avocation
    • S. R. Bible, "A Short History of Spread Spectrum," Packet Status Register, Issue #62, Spring 1996.
    • S. R. Bible, "The Changing Face of Amateur Radio," QST, p. 68, November 1995.
    • S. R. Bible, "The World Wide Web Amateur Satellite Ground Station," The AMSAT Journal, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp 9-11, May/Jun 1995.
    • S. R. Bible and G. B. Pool, "Amateur Radio and the World Wide Web: Part 2 -- The Building Blocks of a Packet Radio Web!," QST pp. 37 - 40, July 1995.
      • "In Part II we want to show you how to create a radio analogy to the World Wide Web for amateur packet radio. These techniques are fundamentally simple and lend themselves well to our pioneering nature. They also make for an interesting paradigm shift as we consider the packet radio network of the future."
    • S. R. Bible and G. B. Pool, "Amateur Radio on the World Wide Web, Part 1 -- Welcome to the Web!," QST pp. 24 - 26, June 1995.
      • "In Part I of this article, we want to introduce the Web, what it is, and how to use it. Through the Web you can access information with a simple point-and-click interface. It is this easy access of various media that makes the Web the fastest growing and most popular aspect of the Internet. Even the major on-line networks are scrambling to provide access to the Web, while universities and many smaller, more agile companies have already been providing it for a couple of years."

    Web Activities

  • The Tucson Amateur Packet Radio - TAPR Web Pages
  • The Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation - AMSAT Web pages
  • Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science - MAOS
    • In the Spring of 1995, I assisted Greg Pool in his student teaching assignment to help start a home page for the 108 students of MAOS. The result is a student-driven showcase of their academy.
  • Monterey High School, Monterey, California
    • On May 6, 1995, Monterey High School became online with a little help of myself and a whole bunch of other people. As of the Fall of 1995, the MHS Web Page Project team presented a home page to begin showcasing the entire school.
  • K6LY - Naval Postgraduate School Amateur Radio Club
    • In the Summer of 1994, Greg Pool, WH6DT, and I cut our teeth on the Web by constructing these pages. We've since gained international recognition for our work in a two-part article published in QST, the journal of the American Radio Relay League.

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