TAPR VNA Software


The following are available from the TAPR VNA software library site:


· An installer for Windows

· VNA source code   (C++)

· Instruction Manual

· Build Documents for the VNA

· FAQ   (Frequently Asked Questions)

· Feature Update presentations

· Signal Generator application


             TAPR VNA and Signal Generator Library



2-Port Network Calculator Tool


The software for the 2-port network calculator tool  (May/June 2011 QEX) is available from the QEX website—it’s version 1.1 (same as what’s here). If there are any software updates beyond 1.1, they will be distributed here.


· Windows XP/Vista/7 executable (no install necessary)

· Help file (place in same folder as executable)

· 2-Port Calculator source code (C#)

· Examples from the magazine article

· You’ll need to install .NET 3.5 SP1 and MSChart first (see help file).


             2-Port Network Calculator Tool Library



OpenHPSDR driver for gnuradio


Software module that provides an interface from Hermes/Metis and Red Pitaya to gnuradio 3.7 (Out-Of-Tree module). Uses OpenHPSDR protocol 1. Red Pitaya requires firmware from Pavel Demin for its FPGA. Supports up to 7 receivers limited by the SDR hardware capability.





Rogue Valley ARC


I’m newsletter editor for the RVARC. Many of the issues contain an original technical article or two. Archive of past issues, PDF (Nov 2008 and later, 10 issues per year):


Rogue Valley ARC Newsletter Archive