ABCD Matrix software


Date:           February 14, 2012


This software is described in an article published in the May/June 2011 issue of QEX magazine.


You can check whether your current version is the most recent by looking at the build number on the initial splash screen comparing it to this list. If you would like to download the software, right-click the appropriate link and select “Save Target As …”   to save to your computer.


The main executable file does not need to be installed it can simply be executed. The companion CHM file should be placed in the same directory as the executable to enable help.


The NET runtime library version shown needs to be installed, and the Microsoft Chart Control also needs to be installed.






.NET runtime

Program ZIP file

ABCD Matrix Windows

Pre-compiled executable program

+ Help

February 14, 2012




ZIP file

C# Source

February 26, 2011




ZIP Source files


January 29, 2011




ZIP files

Microsoft Chart Control – Windows Form and ASP.NET

Link verified April 2, 2011




Download Microsoft Chart Control from Microsoft webpage



Release Notes


ABCD Matrix                  Release 1.6                   February 14, 2012

Executable name: ABCDmatrix


Release 1.6 – Fixes two bugs in how traces are displayed on the Smith chart. Added RG-11 cable type.


Release 1.5 – Adds a Polar display chart for S11 (Smith chart).


Release 1.4 – Adds the ability to plot SWR on the rectangular chart.


Release 1.3 – Added the ability to read One-port files (*.S1P). Some reflection-only analyzers produce a .S1P file.


Release 1.2 - Fixes a minor bug reading s2p files. If there are blank lines past the last one, version 1.1 will throw an uncaught exception.


Release 1.1 - Fixes a bug in how series and stub transmission line losses were computed. The charts in the magazine article were updated after this change, so they should match the examples, above. Updated the pre-populated cable parameter values with more current parameter values. Reformatted X-Axis labels (frequency) to use 3-digit group separators [ e.g. 1,000,000 rather than 1000000 ]


This software is a flexible 2-port network calculator tool published in the May/June 2011 issue of QEX magazine.