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Special Interest Groups

APRS APRS, an acronym for Automatic Packet Reporting System, is an integration of hardware and software that allows you to automatically track moving objects (such as vehicles, people, and weather) in real time using maps displayed on your computer monitor. The purpose of the APRS SIG is to provide a forum for folks interested in discussing APRS and topics related to APRS. The APRS group supports several mailing lists, which include: APRSSIG, APRSSIG, APRS Field Day, APRS Satellite Experimentation, APRS Specification Discussion, Hot Technology, and PropNet... Read more

Digital High Frequency (HFSIG) The purpose of the HF SIG is to serve as a forum for those involved in experimenting, and developing digital applications for HF. HF offers unique challenges and rewarding opportunities for amateur radio. It allows for both short and long distance digital communications without the involvement of specialized terrestrial or space-based equipment such as repeaters, or satellite transponders. It allows for one-to-one (keyboard-to-keyboard) as well as many-to-one (networking), modes of operation. These are quite different in philosophy and functional needs. The amateur bands have seen a dramatic increase in diversity in technology as well as increased activity in the use of digital modes. Development of future technology for HF digital requires experimentation with several topics on communications. ... Signup

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