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Donate to TAPR!

TAPR has brought many advances to ham radio.

Click here for a list of past projects.

TAPR has no paid engineering staff. All the projects over the years were developed by hams who had an idea and brought it to TAPR for support or encouragement. Projects typically go through the process of building a few prototypes which get tested by a small group of those interested in the project. Once the design is finalized, TAPR does what in effect is a group purchase of parts which are then kitted and sold at a price that includes a small mark up to offset operating expenses.

TAPR is not just about projects and kits

TAPR provides ongoing communications - spreading the word - for all interested parties

  • Mail lists / SIGs
  • PSR - Packet Status Register quarterly newsletter
  • ARRL-TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC)
  • Hamvention forums and booth
  • Encouraging international amateurs to present at DCC or Hamvention forums

TAPR continues to push the envelope by producing HPSDR boards and kits, by supporting the early development of Codec2 and spreading the word via forums and the DCC. TAPR also supported the initial development of Whitebox. TAPR continues the expansion of Time and Frequency related kits.

Why donate to TAPR?

  • Help advance the Digital Radio Art.
  • Help communicate the advances to others.
  • Help with the cost of providing this web site.
  • TAPR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

How to donate:
An easy painless way is via Amazon.com's smile portal:

If you don't already have an Amazaon account, you'll have to set one up. Once logged in, look for us with the full legal name "Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corporation" Once setup, you need to login through the smile.amazon.com portal in order for it to be applied to TAPR. Everything else works the same on amazon.com as before. Using the smile.amazon.com portal just setup the donation based on your purchases.
Don't forget to update your bookmark for Amazaon to smile.amazon.com.

Or donate on the TAPR.ORG website.
Donations are handled like any other online order.

Click on the Order button at the bottom of the page.

This will then display the Order Cart. (note that the default amount is $1.)

  • First, enter the amount in the Qty box.
  • Second, click the Update Qtys button.
  • Third, check that the amount shown as Ext. Price is correct.

You may add other items to the Order Cart if you wish.

The price for the Donation is:

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Estate planning can benefit TAPR

Please consider naming TAPR as one of the beneficiaries of your estate. Obviously one should contact their own attorney for guidance. The following is a description that may be used to describe the beneficiary:

The Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corporation, an IRS designated 501(c)(3) organization located in Richardson Texas and holding the Federal Tax Identification Number 86-0455870 is an Arizona corporation.

Please note that the physical location changes from time to time as office volunteers retire. Please check with the Arizona Corporation Commission for our most recent annual report which contains contact information.

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