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TAPR Software Library

Welcome to the TAPR Software Library.

In addition to supplying various kits and firmware, TAPR maintains a library of topic related software. It is now available by FTP as well as on CD-ROM.

Additions to the software library are always welcome, however we do request that they be submitted either by, or with the expressed permission of, the author. TAPR attempts to provide the latest versions of all software; updates are appreciated. TAPR reserves the right to screen any submissions and restrict the library content as necessary. Both freeware and shareware are acceptable.

TAPR does not provide technical support for any of the software. Please contact the software author directly for help. If registration is required to activate a program, please contact the software author or other agent shown in the package documentation. TAPR does not handle software registration.

Please read the README file in each area regarding notification of uploads to the librarian. Please direct any questions to TAPR Software Library Manager.

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