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President's Corner

Past President's Corner Columns

January 1999 1999 DCC to be held in Pheonix, Ongoing Projects, and Big TAPR.ORG Revision/Upgrade.
October 1998 DCC Update, SS Radio Project Comments, PIC Development Underway, and Article: A New Vision for the Amateur Radio Service.
June 1998 A little personal update, DCC Reminder, and Articles for the PSR needed.
Janaury 1998 Looking back on 1997 and forward to 1998, Special Thanks to so many, TAPR 900MHz FHSS Radio Project Fund Rasier, ARRL and TAPR 1998 Digital Communications Conference, and TAPR Elections.
October 1997 Organization Updates (TAPR 900 Mhz FHSS Radio Project, DCC update, NSF), Should APRS form a National Group?, and APRS Frequency Change.
July 1997 What is a 'smart' radio and is our spectrum really utilized or just occupied with current 20+ year old technology?, What is a long range vision and how does the TAPR membership participate now?, and Other Organizational Issues.
May 1997 What will Amateur Radio Networks look like in the future?, Organizational News, and Spread Spectrum Issues.
January 1997 Looking back on 1996, FreeWave deal collapses, and Organizational News.
October 1996 TAPR Position Statement on Spread Spectrum Technology Development, Organizational News, and EVM56002 Group Purchase.
Amateur Radio Networks: Are Amateurs Willing to Pay the Price ?
August 1996, TRPS Q-Report
July 1996 Is Internet Good or Bad for amateur radio?, Organizational News, and Spread Spectrum - happenings?
May 1996 Paradigm Shifts and Amateur Radio -- The Future, How does TAPR fit into this long term?, and Organizational News.
January 1996 TAPR in 1995: A Brief Review, What does 1996 look like?, Our Internet node, 1996 TAPR Annual Meeting ?, and 1996 ARRL and TAPR DCC.
October 1995 Why the sudden interest in Spread Spectrum you might ask ?, Membership Questionnaire, 14th annual ARRL Digital Communications Conference (concluded), Joint conference agreement signed between TAPR and the ARRL, First ever Repeater Coordinator's Meeting is being held in St. Louis, MO, and Membership.
July 1995 14th annual Digital Communications Conference (update), 219 is a reality, Membership, and TAPR Projects.
May 1995 Organization News and TAPR Projects
January 1995 Reflections on 1994, The upcoming year (what TAPR needs to accomplish), APRS SIG formed, and Annual Meeting coming.
September 1994 10th anniversary of the TNC-2 and where do we find ourselves ?, and The future after 10 years of the TNC-2.
July 1994 Amateur Radio as national parks for public recreation, Should Amateur Radio fold up and go home ?, Message Forwarding Systems in the Amateur Service (update), DSP-93 project, SIGs (update), FCC and NTIA Issues, Formations of SIGs, Membership, and Other Organization News.
May 1994 Andy Freeborn, N0CCZ, SK, 1994 Board Meeting and Annual Membership Meeting, Board Election, Formations of SIGs, Membership, Technical Support, and Other Organization News.
January 1994 Organization News, 1994 Goals, Organization Vision, Membership, and Upcoming Annual Meeting.
October 1993 Organization News.
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