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Packet Radio

Why Packet Radio Could be, You are Missing Something Fun. Packet radio has been around since the mid-1960's, but was first seen on the amateur bands in 1978 through research done in Montreal, Canada in 1978. This was followed by the Vancouver Amateur Digital Communication Group (VADCG) development of a Terminal Node Controller (TNC), also known as the VADCG board, in 1980. This was then followed by TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio) with the creation of the TNC-1 in 1982 and then the TNC-2 in '84-'85. In 1985, the packet radio revolution ignited when TAPR sold over a thousand TNC-2 kits. The TNC-2 was what was needed to make this mode, that a few experimenters were playing with, into something that every amateur could enjoy... Read more

Introduction to Packet Radio Packet radio is a particular digital mode of Amateur Radio ("Ham" Radio) communications which corresponds to computer telecommunications. The telephone modem is replaced by a "magic" box called a terminal node controller (TNC); the telephone is replaced by an amateur radio transceiver, and the phone system is replaced by the "free" amateur radio waves. Packet radio takes any data stream sent from a computer and sends that via radio to another amateur radio station similarly equipped. Packet radio is so named because it sends the data in small bursts, or packets. The current TNC standard grew from a discussion in October of 1981 at a meeting of the Tucson Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society... Read more

APRS APRS was developed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, for tracking and digital communications with mobile GPS equipped stations with two-way radio. It has grown to encompass just about every aspect of Amateur Radio. TAPR supports this aspects of the hobby... Read more

Packet Radio: What? Why? How? TAPR Packet Radio: What? Why? How? Don't let the ham digital revolution pass you buy! If you own a packet station or think you might buy one soon, this book is a must for your reference library. Published and endorsed by TAPR, the inventors of the TNC-II. Why reinvent the wheel? Save hours of time and endless frustration getting started, and find hundreds of tips and short cuts from ham radio's digital experts... Read more

Digital Communications Conference The ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference is an international forum for radio amateurs to meet, publish their work, and present new ideas and techniques. Presenters and attendees will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about recent hardware and software advances, theories, experimental results, and practical applications. Topics include, but are not limited to: Software defined radio (SDR), digital voice, digital satellite communications, Global Position System (GPS), precision timing, Automatic Position Reporting SystemŽ (APRS), short messaging (a mode of APRS), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), HF digital modes, Internet interoperability with amateur radio networks, spread spectrum, IEEE 802.11 and other Part 15 license-exempt systems adaptable for Amateur Radio, using TCP/IP networking over amateur radio, mesh and peer to peer wireless networking, emergency and Homeland Defense backup digital communications, using Linux in amateur radio, updates on AX.25 and other wireless networking protocols ... Read more

BBS Sysop Guide TAPR BBS Sysop Guide If you think you might be establishing or operating a packet radio bulletin board system, then this book is for you. Save hours of time and endless frustration getting started, and find tips and short cuts from ham radio's digital experts. Finally, a book with things you need to know about in order to operate an amateur packet BBS, explained in easy-to-understand English, not overly-technical mumbo jumbo! ...Read more

TAPR Software Library In addition to supplying various kits and firmware, TAPR maintains a library of topic related software. TAPR attempts to provide the latest versions of all software Examine the TAPR Software Library.

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