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PK-232 and PK-232MBX Upgrade Kits

Unfortunately both of these kits are no longer available. The bare PCB for the PK-232 Installation kit (PK232 Modem Disconnect kit) is still available, please contact us for ordering details.

PK-232 Installation Kit

This kit is a simple PC board assembly you can build in an evening and still have time left to operate your radio! Once completed, it simply plugs into an IC socket inside the PK232 and provides you with a 'Standard' TAPR modem disconnect header. This header provides a convenient place to connect the DCD State Machine upgrade kit , the TAPR 9600bps modem, PSK modem, or other items that need this connection. The result is a no-holes enhancement of your PK-232 (or Heath HK-232).

Download PK-232 Disc Header Assembly Manual (46K)

Ordering Information

Sorry, PK-232 Modem Disconnect is no longer available

PK-232MBX Installation Kit

This kit allows owners of a PK-232MBX with the 'new' motherboard to install the TAPR 9600 bps modem with complete ease.

NOTE: Owners of earlier PK232s with the MBX daughtercard may use the installation kit, but the prewired harness for the radio interface, power and control wires will not be compatible. These cables must be fabricated and will involve some minor work on the motherboard itself.

The kit consists of two pre-wired harnesses, metal spacers, and screws. The metal spacers and screws are used to mount the TAPR 9600bps modem to the PK-232MBX motherboard by picking up existing mounting studs inside the PK-232MBX. The first pre-wired harness is used to connect the TAPR 9600bps modem to the TAPR PK-232 Modem Disconnect Upgrade. The harness simply plugs into the 9600bps modem at one end and the modem disconnect at the other end. This harness can be used with all styles of the PK-232. The second harness provides connections to all the other points required on the 'new' PK-232MBX which does not have a daughterboard. The second harness is only suitable for the PK-232MBX units of the new style.

Installation becomes a simple 'plug and play' operation, with no wiring harnesses to fabricate, no hardware to locate, and no holes to drill!

Download PK-232MBX Installation Kit Assembly Manual (46K)

Ordering Information

Sorry, PK232MBX Installation Kit is no longer available

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