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HPSDR Pandora Enclosure kit

HPSDR - Pandora Enclosure kit

"TAPR needs space in it's 'warehouse'. For a short period of time we're offering the Pandorad HPSDR enclosure at a rediculously low price of $40.00.

General Description and Features.

  • Dimensions are (approximately) 12.2 inches wide, 8.7 inches deep, and 5.3 inches high (footprint such that an SDR-1000 can sit on top of it)
  • Atlas mounts in the center rear with six covered slots for access to card I/O (like slots in a PC case)
  • "Hatch" in top cover to allow card access without disassembling the case
  • Room for LPU power supply
  • Room for Alex filter bank, and rear panel cutouts for Alex connectors
  • Numerous cooling vents, and provision for a fan (not included)
  • About 3 x 12 inches of unused space across the front for additional component mounting, such as an amplifier.
  • Made of .062 aluminum for easy drilling.
  • Painted in black powder-coat and screened

The following pictures are of the final design without the silk screen labeling which will be on the production units.

Photos by Stan, WA1LOU.

One of two demonstation units at Hamvention 2009.

Blue LED illuminated fan not included in kit.

The other demonstation unit at Hamvention 2009.

Populated with Alex, Atlas, Ozy, Mercury, Penelope and LPU.

Ordering Information

Sorry, Pandora Enclosure is no longer available

International Shipping on this item is estimated to be $46.00 for shipment via USPS Priority Mail International with insurance or $33.00 for shipment via USPS First-Class International Package without insurance. Two Pandoras will cost $54.00 to ship.

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