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HPSDR Hermes J16 Breakout Board (HBO)

HPSDR - Hermes J16 Breakout Board (HBO)

The HPSDR Hermes transceiver board has a 26-pin connector on the rear panel that provides access to several audio and digital signals that users may want to access when integrating the board into their complete station. These include PTT, amplifier key-out, and audio inputs and outputs, as well as digital inputs and outputs.

Since the connector is designed to interface to an IDC ribbon connector, getting to the individual signals is a bit messy. The Hermes Breakout Board (HBO) is designed to address that problem.

It is a very small (1.25 x 1.5 inch) board with a 26 pin connector on one end, and five 3.5mm ("1/8 inch") stereo jacks on the other. These provide:

  • Right speaker output (Hermes already has a separate jack for the left speaker)
  • Headphone output
  • Line-level output
  • Line-level input
  • PTT In and Key Out

Headers on the board provide access to the seven open collector control outputs, which can be used to drive antenna switches or other control systems, as well as additional PTT and key-out points. Because of size limitations, the board does not provide access to the user analog or digital inputs, which are not currently supported in available software.

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Hermes J16 Breakout Board Kit (HBO)

TAPR is providing a kit of the parts needed to complete the breakout board.

The kit includes the PCB, 26 pin connector, stereo jacks, headers, and jumpers. The jacks are SMT parts; they are relatively large and should not require special techniques to install. All other required parts are through-hole.

Also note that the board allows addition of eight surface-mount (0805 size) bypass capacitors on the audio signal lines. Most users will not need to install these parts, and they are not included in the kit as required values may vary.

Ordering Information

The price for the Hermes Breakout is:

  • $ 25 US for members of TAPR

  • $ 28 US for non-members

    + shipping/handling if applicable.
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A note regarding email addresses: When checking out please use an email address other than @earthlink.net, @hotmail.com, @live.com, @msn.com, @outlook.com. For some reason these domains reject email from tapr.org

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