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TAPR Motorola EVM56002 Radio Interface and Enclosure Kit

Parts of this project are no longer available.

Motorola's DSP56002 Evaluation Module (EVM) is an excellent platform for the radio amateur and experimenter alike to implement digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. The DSP56002EVM was discontinued by Motorola, but EVMs do appear on eBay or amateur radio for sale web pages. The EVM is very attractive because of its low-cost, abundant radio application software, and flexibility that make it an excellent DSP experimenter's platform.

In 1998 TAPR designed a radio interface kit with enclosure for the EVM called the EVM-RI. It provides the necessary circuitry to interface the EVM to a transceiver and can be programmed as a KISS modem. The EVM-RI is based on Johan Forrer's, KC7WW, radio interface described in his QEX article, Using the Motorola DSP56002EVM for Amateur Radio DSP Projects.


This partial kit provides:

  • Bare front and rear panel PCB.
  • Enclosure with drilled and labeled front and rear panels.

A Motorola DSP56002EVM (DSP) board IS NOT INCLUDED

Ordering Information

The price for the DSP56002 EVMRI Partial Kit is:

  • $ 27 US for members of TAPR

  • $ 30 US for non-members

    + shipping/handling if applicable.
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A note regarding email addresses: When checking out please use an email address other than @earthlink.net, @hotmail.com, @live.com, @msn.com, @outlook.com. For some reason these domains reject email from tapr.org

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling within the US will be by USPS Priority Mail.

International shipping costs are calculated as closely as possible. If the actual cost exceeds the estimate by more than $10.00, TAPR will contact you to get approval for the additional funds. TAPR uses insured Priority Mail International, unless the purchaser requires something else.



TAPR kits can be complex depending on the kitting experience of each builder. We don't think you will have trouble with the interface kit, but it does require some knowledge and experience to successfully go from a kit to a finished, usable unit, depending on the mode of operations. For data radio applications (i.e. 9600 baud FSK), special modifications must be made to your radio for proper operation of the EVM interface. In addition, the interface kit requires that you have a Motorola EVM56002 Interface unit. These can be purchased from several electronic distributors (see web page).

Pictures of the Kit

EVM Radio Interface Kit

Rear Panel
The image left shows the enclosure with the top off and the EVM mounted inside from the rear.

Front Panel
Layout of indicators and silk screen for the front panel. Each of the LEDs (except Pwr) are programmable.


The design of the radio interface for the Motorola DSP56002EVM is based on Johan Forrer's, KC7WW, original design.

In February 1997, Douglas Braun, N1OWU, released his software suite for the EVM and revised his interface to be more flexible than Johan's. The TAPR interface is a happy medium between Johan's and Doug's design. The goal is to make the interface flexible for past and present code developed for the EVM and to create a flexible programming interface for future programmers.

The following people made this kit successful:

    Steve Bible, N7HPR Project Manager, Prototype builder
    Lyle Johnson WA7GXD PCB design and Prototype builder
    Johan Forrer KC7WW Prototype builder
    Tim Baggett, AA5DF Prototype builder
    Douglas Braun, N1OWU Prototype builder
    Rich Mulvey, AA2YS Documentation
    Greg Jones, WD5IVD Assistant Project Manager
    Joe Borovetz, WA5VMS Part Procurement
    Mark Hammond, KC4EBR Beta Tester
    Bdale Garbee, N3EUA Beta Tester
    John Koster, W9DDD PCB Liaison, Beta Tester
    Keith Justice, KF7TP Beta Tester
    John Ackerman, N8UR Beta Tester
    Frank Perkins, WB5IPM Beta Tester
    Steven Taft, KA1WX Beta Tester
    David Borden, K8MMO Beta Tester
    Louis Cobet, K6MDH Beta Tester
    Jim Lynch, K4GVO Beta Tester
    L.J. Shepherd, K6OYY Beta Tester

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